Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2013' calendar from photographer Anna Khvaleeva

And today New Year's gift  from me for all who read my blog and those who follow my work.

PS: Special for the calendar I've been in process of selecting a pictures, guided only by my feelings and intuition. Only then, when I finished making a calendar, I realized what thing unites all this pictures together. Water, as a time passes and sometimes it's important not to drift but trying to swim against.

At New Year's Eve I wish you all not to look at flow and listen andhear yourself!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Super! Published in "Vogue Italy".


In April 2012 there was photoshooting of several kids. We have thought carefully about the organization of the entire shooting process: the choice of models, location and time of capture, clothing, style, accessories, make-up. I think that the most important thing that we assembled the best team for this, where everyone knows which thing they responsible for and everyone knows what to do in a given place at given time. Big thanks to all team and to little models of course.

PS: The project purpose was to remind us all that children can teach us much more than we do.

Photographer: Anna Khvaleeva

Models: Arina Nikitina, Alexandra Neskromnaya, Darina Fedorchenko, Danila Nikitin, Irina Ponomareva, Sofia Zinovyeva.

Assistants photo: Olga Nikitina,

Tanya Zdobnyakova

Make-up, hair-stylist:

Olga Ludanova,

Regina Bastrakova
Dress by "De Salito"

Backstage (photo by Olga Nikitina)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding ceremony. Elena and Andrey.

Ceremony on a rainy day in Montenegro. Organizers of the ceremony - Ange GroupThe was heavy rain since this morning and during entire ceremony. But no one and nothing can prevent a holiday that just for two.