Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Olga & Andrey

In September 2012, the first time I've been shooting a Balkan wedding.

The shooting was very interesting, from the wedding ceremony, ending the musical accompaniment of the evening. Musical project from Belgrade "Vesko Vuckovic bend" struck me with their repertoire and vocal. It would seem it's difficult to outswing and not to spoil the compositions by Shade and Sting but it sounded in a new way, this charisma, oh... It was brilliant! Also music accompaniment was completed by folk groups performance. At the height of the evening all guests heard some strange word "Gor'ko" from the bride's parents Olga (as Olga was born in Russia) :) However, these word needs to be explained why 'Gor'ko' is accepted in Russia. 

Видеограф Ranko Razic
Ресторан "Imanje Knjaz"

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